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Auther: Bowling Jugendeuropameisterschaft 2011 in München
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By: Jana Scheinert

EYC 2015

Filippa Persson got a consolation prize

Lukas Müller, Filippa Persson, Gaetan Mouveroux, Laura Beuthner, Michelle Ogriseck, Yorick van Deutekom


Caitlin Gales Dicay, Giancarlo Reyes

Team Netherlands

Team Belgium

After the masters ceremony Filippa Persson got a consolation prize by the city of Leipzig


She won gold in the double, team, single and all event and the bronze medal at the masters.

Sweden had have a very successful championship: 5x gold, 2x silver and 4x bronze.

Finland: 1x gold, 3x silver, 4x bronze

France: 2x gold, 2x silver, 2x bronze

Germany: 1x gold, 1x bronze

Russia: 2x silver, 3x bronze

Netherlands: 1x gold

Belgium: 1x silver

Denmark: 1x bronze

England: 1x bronze

Norway: 1x bronze

Slovakia: 1x bronze


Slovakia won her first medal in an European championship.


At the Farewell Banquet every participants and hosts celebrated a successful championship together.